Thermal Grease CPU Chipset Notebook Cooling Conductive Paste Computer C4A3

Model :

Description --> Specifications: Type: CPU Heat Sink Compound Silicone Paste Material: silicone Color: Gray Conductivity: More than 1.
93W/m-k Thermal Resistance: <0.
225°C-in2/W Viscosity: 1000 Concentration: 380±10 1/10mm Working temperature:- 50-280°C Net weight: 10g/20g Features: Non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, Low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity Apply to CPU, VGA,LED Chipset and other PC components 100% Brand new and high quality Apply to RoHS environmental for protection requirements.
High conductivity, effective insulation, high temperature resistant, low oil departs non-corrosive.
Working principle: Fill the for gap between heating element and the cooling device; Increase the contact area, so as to achieve the soundest effect of thermal conductivity.
Method of use: It's normal phenomena, there is a little silicone oil floating above.
Please stir well before use.
Keep be painted surface clean, and painted directly with tools (such as syringe, scraper, finger cot, etc.
) Warm notice: Keep children away from it.
If swallowed or inadvertently come into eyes, ear, nose, mouth.
Brush with clean water or send to hospital when necessary.
Storage: Normal temperature preservation.
Please cover it after using, avoid impurities such as dust, which will have effect of thermal conductivity.
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Thermal     Grease     CPU     Chipset     Notebook     Cooling     Conductive     Paste     Computer     C4A3     

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