Self-threading Needles 12 Pack Assorted Sizes Thread HOT Sewing Pins Stitch K3I5

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Self-threading Needles 48 Pack Assorted Sizes Thread HOT Sewing Pins Stitch K3I5 Description --> description: 100% high quality Packing size: 12.
5cm Different models and specifications: 36MM=4 roots 38MM=4 roots 42MM=4 roots Practical blind needle, needle-free needle 12 per pack, the longest is about 4.
2cm, the shortest is about 3.
6cm It can also be called a dual-purpose needle.
When the upper hole is threaded, it only needs to be drawn from the tail.
The lower hole can be inserted into a line.
Two needles per needle, the line can be drawn from the tail.
In the past, all the hands used were needles, troublesome, troublesome and always worn badly.
This automatic hand-stitching needle solves the problem that the eyesight is not very good, and likes the worry of DIY manual lovers, it can be easily threaded.
Let all the old mothers thread the thread and then wear the heavy reading glasses to easily thread the thread.
It is simple and easy to use! The blind can also put the thread into the small pinhole, which is magical.
Even if you can't see the blind, you can use the to the line.
Never have to worry about wearing a needle package: a pack of 12 needles A

Self-threading     Needles     Pack     Assorted     Sizes     Thread     HOT     Sewing     Pins     Stitch     K3I5     

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