Mechanical Pencil 2.0 Mm Lead Refill Automatic Random Sharpener Writing Top H7Y2


Description --> Features: Automatic wooden pencil, pen without additional cutting, After pressing, the refill is exposed, retaining the writing experience of the wooden pencil.
Inheriting the middle of the use of automatic pencils, especially suitable for use in writing and painting.
1, anti-fracture, 2.
0mm writing standard specifications, special graphite lead, super pressure, anti-fracture.
2, good writing,smooth writing, clear handwriting.
3, durable, Continuous replacement of the refill, is equivalent to using 50 wood pencils.
4, Preferential, Free special refill sharpener, the refill will become sharper.
5, save time, it takes only 2 to 3 seconds to cut one, and the wood pencil takes more than 10 seconds.
6, environmental protection, each change a lead, Equal to less use of one pcs wood pencil.
Pen style: as shown in the random delivery Size: Length: 16cm/6.
3" Package includes:1pcs x Mechanical Pencil(contains a 2B refill)

Mechanical     Pencil     2.0     Mm     Lead     Refill     Automatic     Random     Sharpener     Writing     Top     H7Y2     

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