5/10/20mm 33M 100FT High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide Tape New

Size :

Description High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide Tape Specially designed for temperature critical repairs.
This is perfect for prevent Temperature Sensitive FPC Conectors, iPhone Logic Boards, BGA, SMD, SMT, snd IC Components.
Most of sellers not have repair experience but they sell mobile phone / Laptop spare parts, Tools, Soldering Fluxes.
We are Repair service centre and use the same quality parts for repair mobile devices every day.
We source correct parts which fix the device.
We are not responsible for any damage caused while attempting any repair and we do not provide instruction of installing.
Specification Heat Resistance : 280℃ Color : Dark Brown Adhesive : One Sided Self-Adhesive.
Length : 33 Meters.
Available Width : 5mm - 10mm - 20mm Condition : Brand New Package Contains 1 x High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide Adhesive Tape for BGA Mobile Repairs

5/10/20mm     33M     100FT     High     Temperature     Heat     Resistant     Polyimide     Tape     New     

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