1 Pc Micro Bubbler Drip Irrigation Adjustable Emitter Dripper Stake Q6Z I9R7

Seller: ldszyz

Description --> description: 100% high quality 1/4 "inch universal 360 degree drip irrigation sprinkler on barb-adjustable flow 0-18.
5 GPH suitable for 1/4 (4-7mm) drip irrigation tube-professional grade dripper for drip irrigation Size: Suitable for any 1/4 "size imperial tube-4 to 7 mm (can also be flushed into 1/2 dropper).
Prevent leaks and blowouts: These transmitters are designed to work under pressure: up to 25 PSI.
If your system exceeds this number, blowouts will occur and cause performance degradation.
Design: Barb design ensures that the tubing does not slip or blow off under high pressure and high temperature Environmental protection: supply water directly where you need it, don't spray too much! Easy to install: Install the transmitter directly into the 1/2 main pipe, or branch off with a 1/4 inch pipe and connect the joint to the end! A

Pc     Micro     Bubbler     Drip     Irrigation     Adjustable     Emitter     Dripper     Stake     Q6Z     I9R7     

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